Toledo typhoon relief fund

by rocky regan

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About this campaign

Help me help out some Toledo Cebu people who have lost everything because of the recent typhoon that destroyed large areas of Philippines. I understand many people lost their homes especially the ones within the shanty villages all over the Philippines. They have no food now no water no home I want us to do our little part as we all know how hard it must be to survive after a disaster.

These people are the ones that been ignored as they quietly suffer because they already are used to having to struggle to find shelter and food everyday.

I know of many families in need, one example is a lady with 5 children and the husband abandoned them, wants to find work but has no teeth and nobody will hire her. Lost her shanty home, we gave her some donations to start over she build another tiny shack so they could stay out of the hot sun and rain at least, but know has lost everything again since this typhoon.

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