Safiya's Gift

by Safiya Thorkelson

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About this campaign

I want to become a doctor when I grow older and help others that are not as fortunate as I am. For now, I can help by raising money for missionary doctors and their work. Thank you for fundraising with me!

Updates and comments

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    Anonymous - 14-Jan-2020

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    Hafsah - 20-Jan-2020

    I show full support in this cause and am glad to contribute to this campaign. :)

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    Esther - 05-Feb-2020

    Eliana is sharing in the donation gift - Happy Birthday, Safiya!

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    Julie - 05-Feb-2020

    A wonderful birthday project!! Happy birthday Safiya!

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    Anonymous - 08-Feb-2020

    Happy Birthday Safiya! We love your desire to help others! Henning, Elissa, Tovin, Nyla and Ozlo

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    Anonymous - 08-Feb-2020

    Happy birthday Safiya! From Madelyn

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    Anonymous - 10-Feb-2020

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    Anonymous - 19-Feb-2020

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    Anonymous - 03-Mar-2020

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