The Greatest Journey- Victoria

by David Mall

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About this campaign

Each Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift is a Gospel Opportunity because the child who receives it hears about Jesus, THE GREATEST GIFT. Many participate in a 12-lesson Discipleship class called THE GREATEST JOURNEY: learning to KNOW the Gospel, GROW in the Gospel, and SHARE the Gospel with family and friends.
Since 2009, more than 20 million children have chosen Jesus. Entire families and communities are often transformed by the power of the Gospel.
Your gift of $8 provides one child with THE GREATEST JOURNEY workbook to learn from a trained national teacher. Sponsor one child or choose any amount. Click the SUPPORT ME button at the top right of this screen. To donate offline, phone 1-800-663-6500.
To grow this fund, take your recyclables to a Return-it Bottle Depot at Glanford, Quadra or Queens. Designate your profits to OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD- GREATER VICTORIA.
Together, let's disciple 500 children in 2024! THANK-U

Updates and comments

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    Anonymous - 09-Feb-2024

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    Central Baptist Church - 09-Feb-2024

    THANK YOU to the Prime Timers group of Central Baptist Church, Victoria for inviting members to bring recyclables to their monthly lunch in February. $41.50 was raised through cans and bottles that you contributed to sponsor children participating in "The Greatest Journey" classes. God bless each one of you for your resourceful contribution.

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    Darlene - 01-Mar-2024

    Donation made on behalf of my parents and myself.

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    Return-It Bottle Depot - 14-Mar-2024

    THANK YOU to our generous donors in January & February: a couple of individuals, at least one person collecting throughout their neighbourhood on recycle day; another collecting cans in her apartment building, and $34.00 collected from recyclables brought to our February Celebration event. May God bless you all as you support and pray for children participating in The Greatest Journey classes in the coming months.

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    Return-It Bottle Depot - 12-Apr-2024

    Another good month in March. THANK YOU to all the individuals who dropped off recyclable beverage containers at the Return-It Bottle Depot. Children who receive a shoebox gift this year will learn about Jesus and grow in His Word because of your generosity. God bless you all!

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    Anonymous - 11-May-2024

    I just want to show my support for Operation Christmas Child.

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    Anonymous - 13-May-2024

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    Return-It Bottle Depot - 16-May-2024

    We can't say "thank you" loudly enough to those of you who donated recyclables in April. The Prime Timers seniors' group at Central Baptist brought 824 beverage containers to their meeting on April 5th, resulting in $82.40. Others collected from their neighbourhoods and dropped containers off at the Return-It Depot, requesting their refund be credited to our Operation Christmas Child account. A couple made cash donations. It's all adding up so that children won't need to share workbooks when they participate in The Greatest Journey discipleship classes ~ after they receive a gift-filled shoebox. May God bless each one of you for your generosity!

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    Return-It Bottle Depot - 28-May-2024

    THANK YOU to all those who donated recyclable beverage containers for our first Bottle Drive on the Westshore. The Langford RONA store allowed us to use their parking lot, and many neighbours in the area left out beverage containers for pick-up after David dropped flyers in their mailboxes. Volunteers who sorted and counted made light work of all the containers that were donated ... total came to $508.10 for The Greatest Journey resources. Praise the Lord! *Next Bottle Drive is June 8th in Victoria, 9am to 3pm at the New Life Community Fellowship on Carey & Tillicum ... bring your beverage containers!

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    Anonymous - 08-Jun-2024

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    Anonymous - 11-Jun-2024

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    Anonymous - 21-Jun-2024

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    Anonymous - 21-Jun-2024

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    Anonymous - 21-Jun-2024

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    Return-It Bottle Depot - 26-Jun-2024

    What a whirlwind of activity came in waves at the Bottle Drive on June 8th as each of our wonderful volunteer truckers dropped off all the gift-filled recycling bags they picked up in the neighbourhood. Did you know that David organized over 1000 flyers delivered to mailboxes a week or two prior to the Bottle Drive? Dedicated volunteers counted more than their steps as they walked door to door, and prayed for a good return. Many drive-through vehicles shared where they heard about our OCC Bottle Drive: Coffee News, OCC flyers, friends, churches, and some were just driving by and saw our signs! When the Return-It truck was delayed picking up at the end of the day, we almost thought we’d been forgotten. But even in the lull, a couple more drive-by vehicles arrived and Mikayla kept adjusting the counts. We’re so thankful for her amazing organization throughout the day. Our goal was to reach 8,000 to match last year. And our God-sized big-faith goal was to collect 10,000 containers. BUT GOD gives more abundantly than we can ever ask or imagine! $1135.90 was the total! Our June 8th OCC Bottle Drive team was the BEST! Sandra welcomed each of our awesome volunteers who came and went throughout the day. In total, on Saturday, we logged 117.5 volunteer hours! Perhaps we’ll see many of you again in the fall. We are so thankful to serve with you to disciple children in THE GREATEST JOURNEY, after they receive a gift-filled Gospel shoebox. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of these beautiful children to have a measure of hope for tomorrow, know that they are loved and cared for, and that JESUS loves them more than they can possibly imagine! Certainly, “God has entrusted each of us with specific gifts to use on behalf of others”. God bless you plenty!

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    Anonymous - 05-Jul-2024

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    Return-It Bottle Depot - 19-Jul-2024

    Thank you, once again to all our faithful donors who contribute beverage containers for a recycling refund so that children can be discipled in "The Greatest Journey" of their lives! In May & June, we cashed in a few beverage containers that just missed our Bottle Drives. Another $54.90 from our amazing "Prime Timers" group. And we also receive donations from two seniors who faithfully 'dumpster dive' in their neighbourhoods each recycling day. Together, what a wonderful team of ministers extending the Gospel to those who may not otherwise hear of God's loving purpose for their lives. God bless you all!

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The Greatest Journey

The Greatest Journey is an exciting evangelism and discipleship program that teaches children how to become faithful followers of Christ and to share their faith with others. We offer the program to children who have received Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Boys and girls who complete The Greatest Journey course receive graduation certificates and New Testaments in their own language. We're able to provide all the study materials, a graduation certificate and New Testament for only $8 per child.

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Samaritan’s Purse allocates 90% of every dollar we raise directly to our ministry efforts.

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